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    Innovative, well designed chicken coops, that are just sooo cosy

    Cosy Coops are a cost-effective solution for anyone wanting to keep garden chickens, and keep them happy!

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    Read our handy hints & tips for keeping hens at home

    Tips from our experts to keep your hens heathy & happy in their new cosy home.

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Innovative UK design

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Happier chickens

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The BEC Cosy Coop – an ideal home for hens!

The Cosy Coop is an award winning modular chicken coop designed and manufactured in the UK by BEC in either green virgin polymer or granite recycled plastic versions.

The Cosy Coop is available as a basic coop module along with two one metre mesh run sections and end panel.

Lightweight and easy to move around a garden, the Cosy Coop is ideal as a starter home for those new to keeping chickens. It is a useful addition if you need a separate, secure area for broody or for show birds.

Inside the coop there is a nesting area and a perch, it has a front door which can be closed at night if necessary. The Cosy Coop has a large side access panel for egg collection and cleaning.

The Cosy Coop is made with an easily cleanable plastic structure that has a large side door providing easy access for egg collection and cleaning. There are no sharp edges to harbour red mite.

The shape of the run mesh is designed to protect your birds from predation. The overlap is pinned down with pegs that act as a barrier preventing foxes and other animals getting into the run. The run can easily be extended by adding extra mesh sections.

The Cosy Coop is designed to be a cosy and environmentally friendly home for your birds!

* The Cosy Coop has won the “Most Innovative New Product” category in the French Agricultural equipment show ‘Animal Expo 2011’ in Paris.

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Our standard coop can run up to three chickens and as well as being better quality than similar imported versions – its better value too.

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